Asics Womens GT-2000 12 PARIS

Asics Womens GT-2000 12 PARIS


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Introducing the Asics GT-2000™ 12 running shoe, your trusted partner for a comfortably invigorating run that clears your mind. It’s the epitome of comfort and the ultimate choice for those seeking additional guidance on their running journey.

The shoe’s revolutionary 3D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™ technology is your support system, aligning your foot placement naturally and providing unparalleled stability. Combined with the innovative PureGEL™ technology and plush FF BLAST™ PLUS foam, your runs are transformed into moments of pure comfort and reduced joint impact.

Why is the Asics GT-2000™ 12 running shoe your ticket to comfort?

  1. 3D GUIDANCE SYSTEM™: This technology guides your foot naturally, offering exceptional support throughout your run.

  2. PureGEL™ Technology: Experience enhanced softness and shock absorption, protecting your joints and ensuring a cushioned, comfortable run.

  3. FF BLAST™ PLUS Foam: Delivering a softer landing and additional cushioning, it keeps you comfortable even on challenging surfaces.

But what sets the GT-2000™ 12 apart as a superior choice?

  1. Scientifically Tested: Rigorously tested at our renowned Institute of Sports Science (ISS) in Japan, ensuring it meets the highest standards of comfort and support.

  2. Tech & Features: Explore a range of technical features that elevate your running experience listed under ‘Tech & Features’ below.

Choose the GT-2000™ 12 running shoe for the perfect blend of comfort and guidance, meticulously engineered to help you achieve your running goals while keeping your stride effortless and your mind clear.



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