Covid-19 Information

COVID-19 Update

We are open! There are just a few things to remember if you're coming to see us!

  • With masks no longer being mandatory in shops as of the 19th, we just wanted to let you know that whilst we are very much looking forward to seeing your smiling faces (and you seeing ours!), we totally understand people are still nervous about it. Therefore if you arrive for a Gait Analysis in the shop wearing a mask, we'll know to wear ours when serving you also without being asked.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms please do not visit the store
  • Please Book your Gait Analysis Online we cannot guarantee walk-ins an appointment
  • Virtual Gait Analysis is still available if you're not comfortable with coming to see us, find out more here!
  • Get 15% off your online order when you join our Virtual Running Club on Facebook. Join here!

Any questions? We're at the end of the phone! Get in touch with us!

Instagram: @runningbearshop
Twitter: @runningbearshop
Facebook: @runningbearteam
Call: 01625 582130

Thank you all for your support, we truly appreciate it

Remember - Running is never cancelled. It's membership free + the mental health benefits are incredible, we're only ever a message away if anybody is ever struggling

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