Your Running Experience

This program is aimed at someone who is running around 5m 30s for a km, leading to a 5k of between 27 and 30 minutes. If you are a little quicker or slower than this, adjust the schedule slightly to suit.
The objective of the program is to:

  1. get you faster over 5k, and
  2. fitter so that you can take on a 10k with confidence.

Commit to your own success

Step 1: pick your target 10k race, ideally shortly after the 10-week program, and enter it now to give yourself a focus

Step 2: commit to completing 3 running sessions and 2 short core sessions per week

Step 3: give yourself a reward each week (not calories) for completing the week

Step 4: link your watch or phone to Strava (that way we can see your training and help you if you want)

Useful Words

Easy Pace: around 1 minute per km slower than race pace
Race Pace: your current pace per km from your best 5k race
Fartlek: speed play – varying paces within a session
Rest: If the schedule says ‘REST’ then that is what it means. It doesn’t mean do another session that you don’t tell anyone about
Strides: relaxed FAST runs of c. 50 metres at 90% of maximum speed
Active Recovery: walking or swimming or anything relaxed that you enjoy
DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – muscle stiffness or soreness around 24- 48 hours after exercise. This is normal, but can be greatly eased by doing a warmdown and some light stretching after your training session.
Strava: a very useful training site, that links to most watches and phone training programs.
HELP: means drop a message to ronan or sarah on insta or through running bear, and we’ll do what we can – it helps if we can see your sessions on Strava

Instagram: @running_in_the_family