Well done for making it to week 4 and staying motivated in the dark days. Stay focused on your goals and share them with your friends and family 🙂


Each day continue your stretching program with a light 10-minute yoga session in the morning: for example:

Day by Day – this week we are adding a day to the program!

Day 1:

  • 6km out and back run
  • 3km out at steady pace – 3k back aiming for 30 seconds faster
  • 6*50metre strides at 90% of maximum effort (walk back recovery)

Day 2:  10 minutes core exercises:

Day 3:  Effort Day – hill efforts

  • Find a gradual incline, ideally c. 400m, that will take 90-120 seconds
  • Easy run of 2km before hill efforts
  • 5-6 hill efforts. Run hard up the hill and take it easy on the return
  • Run continually with no rest
  • Easy 2km to warm down to finish

Day 4:  Easy run day

  • Just a shake-out run after the hills – should feel v easy

Day 5:  10 minutes core exercises:


Day 6:  Long Run Day – most important day of the week!
  • 9km of easy running (continuous!)
  • Try and pick a flat route this week
  • Light stretches

Day 7:  Rest