Try and keep focused during the holiday period, if you have a bit more free time try fitting in a run during the day. Running will help you feel fresher and don’t have too many late nights 😊

Each day Continue your stretching program with a light 10-minute yoga session in the morning: for example:

Day by Day – this week we are adding a day to the program!

Day 1:
• Continuous run day (no resting during this session)
• Start with 2km easy warm up
• Then 4 min at race pace, 3 mins jog (repeat 4 times)
• 2km steady cool down

Day 2: 10 minutes core exercises:

Day 3: Effort day – speed efforts
• Easy run of 2km to warm up
• Speed session of 10*1 min at faster than target race pace
• 90s jog rest between efforts
• Run continually with no rest
• Easy 2km to warm down to finish.

Day 4: Easy run day
• 40 minute run – 21 minutes out and cover the same distance back in 19 minutes

Day 5: 10 minutes core exercises:

Day 6: Long Run day – most important day of the week!
• 10km of easy running (continuous!)
• Try and pick a flat route this week
• Light stretches and 6*80m strides to finish

Day 7:     Rest