After a break for Xmas week, the New Year should keep you motivated 😊, training will step up now with 4 weeks to race day.


Each day Continue your stretching program with a light 10-minute yoga session in the morning, for example:


4 days this week and a timed Parkrun

Day 1:    

  • Continuous run day (no resting during this session)
  • Start with 1km easy warm up
  • Then 6km over a hilly route
  • Finishing with 8*60m strides

Day 2:     15 minutes core exercises: 


Day 3:     Effort day – ideally in a traffic free park

  • Easy run of 2km to warm up
  • Speed session of 6*3 min at 5km race pace
  • 2min jog rest between efforts
  • Easy 1km to warm down to finish.

Day 4:     Rest

Day 5:     10 minutes core exercises:


Day 6:    Parkrun time trial 5k

  • 1km warm up
  • Aim for pb pace at the parkrun
  • 1km cool down

Day 7:    Long Run day – most important day of the week!

  • 11km of easy running (continuous!)
  • Try and pick a flat route easier week