Hilly Active Quarter Sock Cobalt/Flame

Hilly Active Quarter Sock Cobalt/Flame



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Hilly Active Quarter Sock

The Active Quarter Socks provide you with mid-level cushioning, which help to attenuate the shock and impact forces that occur when running. A durable polyamide heel and toe also provide superb abrasive resistance so that you can rely on your socks for an ultimately comfortable experience. The socks feature a vented upper, which works by allowing air to fully permeate the fabric construction and provide a constant supply of fresh, cool air. Alongside this, the warm air will be pushed out, providing a perfect microclimate for your feet so that you can enjoy every stride. A unique arch grip eliminates in-shoe slippage and prevents the socks from rubbing against the skin, which can often cause chafing and blisters. A flat under toe seam construction also ensures a smooth non-abrasive experience when wearing the socks in intense circumstances, and tabs at the front and back of the socks ensure optimum comfort.

  • Mid-Level Cushioning – Attenuates shock and impact forces during running.
  • Polyamide Heel – Abrasive resistance for ultimate comfort.
  • Vented Upper – Exceptional airflow through the socks.
  • Arch Grip – Prevents slipping inside your shoes and rubbing.
  • Flat Under Toe Construction – Non-abrasive, smooth seam.
  • Comfort Tabs – At the back and front of the sock for comfort.

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