Leaping Fish Ramblers Rub

Leaping Fish Ramblers Rub


Ramblers Rub a universal balm for all walkers, ramblers, outdoor sports and hikers, made from premium oils and waxes with essential oils to help prevent blisters. It can also be used to massage feet, ankles and calves to soothe, restore and revive after days of exercise.

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Product Description

Ramblers Rub contains rich Avocado butter, noted for its moisturising properties (and vitamins A, B, G, E and Lecithin for healthy skin) as well as essential oils of Cinnamon, Bergamot and Juniper for their therapeutic, restorative and antiseptic qualities; helping to keep the skin clean and prevent the build-up of bacteria.  It smells fantastic, is really effective and is free from chemicals, parabens and preservatives.

A smooth, rich balm is designed to reduce friction; apply to your skin where boots or shoes rub before walking under and over socks to minimise blisters. It can also be used under backpack straps or where clothes are chafe to keep you comfortable. The balm is effective at moisturising the skin, increasing its suppleness and softening drier, calloused areas such as heels and the balls of your feet. After exercise, use it to massage your feet and ankles to help you feel great.

About the author: Lucy Benson

Ingredients: Rapeseed Oil, Soya wax, Cocoa butter, vegetable glycerine, Beeswax, Avocado Butter, Zea Mays, vitamin E and Bergamot, Cinnamon Leaf and Juniper essential oils.   

Made in the UK, so a low environmental footprint compared to imported alternatives – look after yourself and our world.

Leaping Fish balms are natural products – avoid contamination with water which can cause the balms to deteriorate. Balms may become soft in warm weather so keep them cool and store below 25oc. Always test on a small area before use and stop using if you have a reaction to the product.

About the author: Lucy Benson

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