New Balance Men’s FuelCell TC

New Balance Men’s FuelCell TC


The versatile carbon fibre shoe can be worn during intense training or competition.

Support:  Neutral
Midsole:  Drop 8mm
Weight: 281 grams | 9.9 oz
Technology: FuelCell foam delivers a propulsive feel to help drive you forward | Full-length internal carbon fibre plate
Use:  Road Running, Performance, Racing, Fast Workouts, 5k to Marathon

Women’s New Balance FuelCell TC


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Product Description

New Balance FuelCell TC Running Shoes

This shoe was designed to meet the demands of strenuous runs such as marathons and long-distance training runs. The FuelCell TC provides a fast and fierce feel with long-lasting durability. The midsole delivers a high rebound and is complemented by a full-length internal carbon fibre plate. The upper is breathable. This shoe is perfect for runners wishing to race the 5k to the Marathon.

About the author: Jonny Mellor

Breathable Mesh Upper
New Balance has designed an extremely breathable mesh upper. This guarantees a constant source of ventilation throughout your run. Even as you run the warm air within your shoe will easily be able to escape through the mesh, leaving room for cooler air. This cycle of airflow will make for a comfortable ride! This air cycle also keeps your foot dry as the moisture from sweat is also removed. While the upper is durable, the engineered mesh is flexible which supports a wide range of movements without any restriction. The material can stretch with the movement of your foot while retaining its original shape. The material on the upper is firm over the toes and rearfoot for extra protection from the terrain and helps hold your heel in a firm, strong upright position. The secure lace closure system also reinforces the idea of a personalised fit, so you can feel extremely secure without any restriction or discomfort. The soft suede collar and eyerow details complete the soft premium feel of the FuelCell TC upper.

FuelCell Foam Midsole
Constructed from FuelCell Foam, the midsole of the FuelCell TC delivers a propulsive feel to help drive you forward. This foam creates a high-rebound, energetic feel and an ultra-lightweight running experience. This super bouncy, lightweight cushioning gets better with speed. FuelCell Foam works to absorb shocks and negative impact forces as you heel strike and uses the energy to catapult you off into your next step, allowing you to be faster than ever before. The FuelCell TC Running Shoes feature a full-length internal carbon fibre plate to provide an engaging ride. It adds stiffness to the midsole required for optimal energy savings, therefore decreasing the amount of energy you lose whilst you run.

Durable Rubber Outsole
Beneath the FuelCell TC lies a generous layer of grippy and durable rubber, concentrated in the forefoot. The rubber covers the entire forefoot and runs down the lateral side of the shoe underneath the high-pressure zones, giving you the durability and grip where you need it most. The rubber is able to form a strong connection with a wide range of different surfaces, which will give you the traction that you need to give you a strong base. The rubber is abrasion resistant and will stand up to abuse from below, which will retain its shape and functionality over a long period of time.

About the author: Jonny Mellor

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