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At Running Bear, we’re big believers in helping the community around us. Our new initiative involves our World Famous Running Bear Socks. Now, when you buy a pair, we give a pair to one of our three nominated charities. These charities do a tremendous amount to help the homeless communities in the UK.

  • The Booth Centre
    This is a community centre run with and for people affected by homelessness.
  • Mustard Tree
    They help people to change their lives, secure better accommodation and economic wellbeing. 
  • Centrepoint
    They provide 1,107-bed spaces for homeless young people and now operate 60 services providing support to young people across the UK.
sock donation supporting people in need

Supported Homeless Charities

The Booth Centre

The Booth Centre provides a warm welcome, an opportunity to belong, to gain a purpose and rebuild lives.  Their programme includes activities such as volunteering, creative projects and sports, and training and helps to gain employment.

They also support people in improving health and well-being, accessing emergency accommodation, and securing and maintaining a permanent home.

Mustard Tree

Mustard Tree's focus is on tackling both the causes and consequences of poverty and homelessness, since 1994 that have created opportunities for people to help themselves through providing practical support, friendship, connections into work and improvements to health and wellbeing.

They provide food and resources to help make a home through our Community Shops and offer creative programmes to aid recovery and encourage aspiration.


Centrepoint provides housing and support for young people regionally in London, Manchester, Yorkshire and the North East and through partnerships all over the UK. They aim to give homeless young people a future and we want to end youth homelessness by 2037.

More than 400 staff work for Centrepoint across the country, supporting homeless young people into a home and a job every day.

Running Bear Socks

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