Spikey Massage Ball 7cm – Purple

Spikey Massage Ball 7cm – Purple


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Enhance your muscle pain relief with the 7cm Spikey Massage Ball by Fitness-Mad. This small massage ball is designed with hard spikes for multiple contact points which help to alleviate tight, uncomfortable muscles, release toxins, and improve circulation. For best results, use two 7cm balls to target trigger points or for dual muscle massage. You can hold them in each hand, place them under each foot, position them on either side of the spine, or use them under the buttocks. The  7cm ball provides a more intense focus on a smaller area, but if you prefer lighter pressure.

The Spikey Massage Ball is suitable for athletes seeking muscular relief. It is especially helpful for cyclists and runners who are experiencing iliotibial syndrome and tight hamstrings. Similarly, the Spikey Ball is also great for massaging all parts of the legs, including the calves, Achilles, shoulders, neck, and arms. Its lightweight and portable design lets you easily pack it into your gym bag for on-the-go relief or incorporate it into your rehabilitation program.


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