The Running Bee Foundation

Running Bee Foundation

Running Bear is proud to sponsor the Running Bee Foundation who are actively working to promote a healthy lifestyle and combat childhood obesity.

We will make funding accessible to all parts of the communities we serve with no restriction on age, financial status, religion or gender.

Together we can #BeeActiveBeeHealthyBeeHappy

Running Bee Events

the running bee foundation
Running Bee and Ronhill

Running Bee History

The Running Bee Foundation has been set up in memory of a true Salfordian, Mo Done, who supported many Manchester charities and played an integral part in the development of tour operator Sports Tours International, the founder and supporter of the Foundation.

Starting from 2019, ALL the profits from Sports Tours International's UK running events will go to The Running Bee Foundation to be invested back into the communities where these events take place. The Running Bee Foundation aims to improve the health and well-being of local residents and to help tackle the challenge of childhood obesity. It will do this by making grants available to community groups and local charities in the towns and cities where our events take place. So get involved, enter our races and help those charities and good causes in YOUR area.

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