UP Gel Heel Pads

UP Gel Heel Pads

The ideal support for your heel, cradling and giving it all the support it needs to go the distance.

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Aiming to relieve the pressure on your Achilles Tendon, the Ultimate Performance Gel Heel Pad does this through raising the heel ensuring you have optimal levels of cushioning. Giving you the added comfort to the heel as well as the ankle, this reduces the pain which relates to plantar fasciitis making sure you always remain comfortable.

A thin edge on the heel pad allows the insole to fit easily inside the shoe, aiming to not disrupt the natural fit but to make the fit of the shoe even better. A slip resistant design helps keep the heel pad in place so it isn’t moving loosely around the shoe whilst you walk and this can be worn in all types of footwear making sure it’s the perfect item for you.

The product is recommended for people who was extra cushioning, soft support and pain relief. It is also ideal for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and bruised heels.

  • Cradles The Heel – For added stability.
  • Gel Heel – Moulds perfectly for the feet.
  • All-Round Cushioning – Providing optimal comfort.
  • Slip Resistant – Helps keep the feet in place.

Additional Information

  • Features: Lightweight
  • Gender: Mens
  • Gender: Womens
  • Sport: Running
  • Product Type: Insoles
  • Brand: Ultimate Performance products

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