Våga Europe Short Peak Cap – Charcoal/Yellow

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The original short peak running cap. Providing a lightweight, breathable and adjustable cap for all your running needs.

Packable and machine washable; our caps can withstand even the toughest of tests.


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Våga Europe is a new, innovative company designing running caps with the runner in mind.

Våga have made a lightweight, packable, and extremely breathable cap in a range of colours to make you stand out on any trail in the world. The peak is long enough to protect you from the sun, but short enough to be effective in high winds.

Tried and tested by elite runners, they know what works. All that is left to say is, will you join the movement?

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“I continue to find myself extremely humbled by (and grateful for) the benefits of this sport and basking in all the gifts that running has taught and given me: discipline, consistency, self-motivation and learning the value of commitment, daily purpose and routine, new-found knowledge and insight into how my body works (and an enormous appreciation for the resilience and outrageous complexity of the human body), pride in what my body can achieve and an overall boost to my entire life through happiness, mental calm and stability of emotions and moods. The list of benefits is endless, but I am finding that the further the distances I run, the longer I spend on my feet and the more energy and focus I give to running: the more I am getting back.” Read David’s story in the Team Våga section of our website. @david_.runs @lunag_ri #teamvåga #vågaeurope #vågabonds #goodcleanfun

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