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Online Gait Analysis

We firmly believe that taking part in exercise is crucial to not only our physical but mental well-being. We want to help those who are unable to visit our store to find perfect trainers too!

We've come up with a new way of assessing your gait virtually to ensure you've got the right shoes for you. Whether you're 15 or 50 miles away, you can still receive our expert service and support.

A few simple steps are required to complete your virtual gait analysis; this includes taking a handful of pictures and videos and sending us some information about you and running. The Bears will then arrange a suitable time to contact you and discuss your results!

What You Will Need

  1. Your current running or other fitness shoes - if none, then bare feet (If you know you currently wear stability trainers, please stick with bare feet).
  2. WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/Zoom installed on your phone/laptop.
  3. Another household member or somewhere to stand your phone up
  4. Make sure you're wearing something where your ankles are visible - i.e. shorts or running leggings.
  5. Make sure you're in a light location for the videos.

Step 1: Let's Take Some Videos

Please make sure we can clearly see your ankles!

Video 1

Wearing no shoes, please stand with feet shoulder-width apart.

Make sure you're looking up and slowly bend your knees, making sure that your heels don't rise off the ground. Do this three times. Then turn round and do the same again. Try and keep your upper body upright.

Watch the short demonstration video below to see how to do it and which part of the body needs to be visible.

Video 2

Wearing no shoes, please stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Then stand on one leg.

Make sure you're looking up and slowly bend your knee, making sure that your heels don't rise off the ground. Do this three times on each leg. Then turn round and do the same again. Try and keep your upper body upright.

Watch the demonstration video to see how to do the exercise and which parts of the body need to be visible.

Video 3

For this, you need to be wearing your current running trainers, or bare feet take a gentle run there and back three times. Start behind the camera and make sure you're at a pace when passing it.

See the demonstration video to see what angle the video should be taken from and how it should be done.

If you're looking for trainers for walking, repeat the same step but at your walking pace.

Step 2: Photograph Your Shoes & Feet

Take three different photos of your old pair of running trainers, and if you don't have any, then send us a photo of the shoes you wear most regularly. We need pictures from both sides and photos of the soles.

Group 178
Group 179
Group 180

We also need photos of your feet, shown in the angles below:

Image 131
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Amparo Blue Navy Fluoro Orange 2in1 short
Brooks Amparo Blue Navy Fluoro Orange 2in1 short 2
Amparo Blue Navy Fluoro Orange 2in1 short 3

Step 3: Tell Us About You

We need some information to make sure we're choosing the best trainers for you - if you can give us the information below, it's a huge help!

1. Your everyday shoe size (and your current trainer size if it's different)

2. What kind of exercise do you want to do in them, such as running, gym, team sports, walking, or just day-to-day wear.

3. If you're using them for running, let us know what distance you're aiming to do and what terrain you're going to be running on.

4. Tell us if you've had or currently have any injuries, aches or pains.

5. Is there anything about your feet that could be significant when selecting trainers? - such as bunions, wide feet or if you wear orthotics/insoles.

Step 4: Send Your Footage to the Bears

The next step is to send all of the above either via WhatsApp (07828934675) or Facebook messenger.

Please include your full name and a date/time that would be good for our team to contact you from Monday to Friday, 9 am-5.30 pm.

If you would prefer a zoom consultation, please email us, and we will arrange a zoom appointment for you!

We'll then get back to you with any questions about you and the trainers we recommend for you from our Running Bear Online Store.

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  • Went for Gait Analysis, as my feet felt all over the place. Booked online and went along. Brilliant service from Hattie, nothing was too much trouble. Plenty of selection and New Trainers purchased. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    1 month agoDave C
  • Fabulous service, as a novice "runner" I just knew I needed decent trainers. The gait analysis was thorough, observing the new strict hygiene guidelines. I have the comfiest pair of trainers ready for my training! thank you so much

    1 month agoLucy V
  • Went yesterday for my first gait analysis along with my husband, excellent service and advice from Ellie and Jordanna, looking forward to getting my running shoes soon

    1 month agoSarah T
  • I followed the Running Bears advice on their website, sent them videos and photos etc. They recommended the best trainers, I ordered them and they were delivered an hour later. Absolutely superb customer service - above and beyond. Highly recommend.

    1 month agoBec L
  • Running bear is an amazing shop. I’m new to running and popped in to get some running shoes for trail and road. The staff were very friendly and approachable, they watched me on the treadmill and showed me the results, and gave me some options to which trainers would suit my gait and how I run. Highly recommended

    1 month agoBen S
  • Thank you so much for assessing my gait & recommending new running shoes last weekend. After virtually giving up on running due to pain & fatigue, I’ve just run 24 minutes non-stop & pain-free, after barely being able to manage 5-minute intervals. I’ll definitely be recommending you to my friends!

    1 month agoRachel J
  • The service here is amazing. Got my gait analysis done, tried on 4 pairs of running shoes until I got the right fit, even tried them all out on a treadmill to see how the felt whilst running. Plus got a few good training tips for the upcoming marathon, if you're serious about running and want to stay injury free, definitely check this place out.

    1 month agoMo C
  • I have bought my running shoes, and occasionally other running equipment, from Running Bear for many years. The staff take time to find out what sort of running one does, study one's gait and style and make recommendations without being pushy. Why go anywhere else if in South Manchester or Cheshire?

    1 month agoAndrew C

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