SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove

SealSkinz Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove


100% Waterproof and Extremely Breathable | Protects From Water, Wind, Mud, & Cold | Cosy Knit Glove


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We pioneered the use of a unique hydrophilic membrane that’s 100% waterproof yet pulls moisture away from your skin at the molecular level — keeping you dry and cool all at the same time. Touchscreen compatible for easy smartphone use.

100% Waterproof Technology, Packed into a Cosy Knit Glove

We took the iconic waterproof technology we use in our socks and put it in a close-to-skin knit waterproof glove offering the perfect balance of warmth, breathability and 100% waterproof protection. Cold and wet hands can lead to not-so-good things outdoors, including numb fingers, blisters, and even frostbite. Ideal for various temperatures, our Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Gloves will keep your hands dry and protected in rain, light snow, and mud while also preserving the grip and dexterity you need to get things done.

A Unique Multipurpose Glove

This close-fitting glove also boasts silicone printed fingers and palm to offer firm handling and added grip control, as well as touchscreen capabilities for easy access to your devices.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Activities

Designed to offer excellent grip control along with 100% waterproof protection and breathability, it’s the glove you’ll want to keep you warm and dry while commuting, running, chopping wood, working outside, hunting, or fishing.

Innovative Materials and Construction

Using the same unique three-layer construction as our waterproof socks, the Ultra Grip Knit Gloves features a 100% waterproof hydrophilic membrane with a premium Merino wool interior for warmth and sweat-wicking and a durable nylon blend exterior with 4-way stretch for excellent fit and wearability.

Extremely Breathable

Particularly noteworthy is the unmatched breathability of the hydrophilic waterproof membrane to release perspiration, steam and warm air from inside the glove. This creates a high level of comfort for the wearer, even while performing strenuous and aerobic activities.

Handmade & Hand Tested

Exclusively handmade in the UK to our unrelenting standards and attention to detail, every single Ultra Grip Knit Glove is hand-tested for waterproofness.

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