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Where can I find Waterproof Socks?

Since so many of you have asked us for waterproof socks etc.. we thought it was only right that we introduced Sealskinz to our sock line up at Running Bear.


Sealskinz have been perfecting waterproof accessories in Britain for over 25 years. Their products are tried and tested by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and the military. These products are designed for all sorts of activities even in the cold, wet, British weather!

Running Bear Review:

There is a Lifetime no-hassle Guarantee on all of their socks, hats and gloves, so you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. When we tried them we were surprised how “normal” these waterproof socks felt. They have an excellent fit and are comfortable. We think these socks would be a great option for cyclists, trail/fell runners and walkers. There is nothing more uncomfortable than cold, wet, feet and we believe these socks may be the answer!

Let’s fact check ⬇️

  • Blister free
  • Protects from water, wind, mud and cold
  • Constructed of 3 layers, they wear and feel like a normal stretchy sock
  • Unique hydrophilic membrane that is 100% waterproof yet pulls moisture away from your skin at the molecular level
  • Waterproof hydrostatic head of >20,000mm
  • Lifetime guarantee

Now let’s see how waterproof these socks really are:

We have 2 x types of socks available as-well as hats and gloves! All completely waterproof!

💦 Prepare for wet weather with Sealskinz at Running Bear! 🐻

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