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Gait Analysis Testimonials

  • Michael Paice Avatar
    Michael Paice

    Very helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. Friendly relaxed and efficient. Great experience 6/01/2019

    Andy Atkinson Avatar
    Andy Atkinson

    Just got a nice new pair of running shoes from here. Staff are very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend them. 4/26/2019

    Billy Forsyth Avatar
    Billy Forsyth

    Kind knowledge able staff. Great selection available. Would recommend 5/18/2019

  • Sue Lloyd Avatar
    Sue Lloyd

    Great advice and encouragement. (Treadmill assessment, free of charge) We left with reassurance and the right shoes for my daughter's running gait. Faultless customer service. Can't recommend enough. 2/13/2019

    Bev Brocklehurst Avatar
    Bev Brocklehurst

    Fantastic shop. Gait analysis. Expert advice. Really friendly and helpful. 6/03/2019

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Running Bear
Running Bear shared a post.11 hours ago
Another new friend of mine who’s making tracks! 🐻🐾
12 hours ago
I’m soooo excited to welcome some new members to my gang!! 🐻 you’re all completely P’awesome for turning up! Missed out this week? Join me next week instead - never too late to start your journey 🐻🐾 https://t.co/jcud3tWqlX