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About Gait Analysis

What is a Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis is a way of assessing the way in which you walk or run. It helps us to identify the best solution to give you stability and comfort whether you're standing or on the move.

Running Bear's gait analysis service is there to make sure you're in a properly fitting pair of shoes, suitable for the specific distances and surfaces that you're exercising, walking or standing on.

Running Bear are proud to offer our customers personalised gait analysis by one of our in-store specialists. You can meet our friendly bears by clicking here

Why is a Gait Analysis so Important?

We are all different and so are shoes. It's not only important that the trainers you choose to run in are comfortable but that they support your personal foot shape, your running/walking style and are ultimately suitable for the purpose you want them for. If you're experiencing any niggles or pains whilst or after running, please don't brush these off - they may be signs of an underlying issue! Running Bear can help you choose the right pair of shoes that can improve your efficiency, reduce risk of injury and give you confidence with whatever you choose to do in them.

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How do we do Gait Analysis?

Our Running Bear specialists will discuss your specific needs with you; what you've done in the past, what you plan to do in the future and any niggles, injuries or pains you're currently experiencing. Then, we'll assess you on a treadmill before providing you with advice and guidance on the perfect shoes for you.

Book a Gait Analysis with Running Bear

You can book an appointment using our easy online diary system, but you can also email or call us. To make your booking online, simply click the link below.

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