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Riixo was created to make people better, whether that is to be a better athlete or to faster injury recovery. The better recovery is the pathway to greater physical and emotional well-being. proudly supporting Manchester United FC, UK Athletics, and British milers club, the brand is heavily embedded and trusted by top athletes.

Backed by Scientific studies, Riixo is the recovery tool you need. Take your chosen piece of equipment to race day, keep them at the office, and wear them on your commute. allow the body to recover no matter what you’re doing, helping keep away those injuries!

Here at Running Bear, we’re all about ensuring all our bears can keep chasing their goals, whether that is setting PBs, winning races, getting across that finish line, or simply just keeping up their running! With that in mind, we are so happy to be stocking Riixo! A innovative Brand with the people at the forefront.

The Range at Running bear

The Ice-Ball

The innovative Riixo Ice Ball combines the benefits of cryotherapy and traditional massage balls for a great new form of recovery.

Quad & Hamstring Cuffs

No requirement to be plugged into an electricity source, the Riixo quad & hamstring cuffs are designed to fit in with your active life.

Knee Cuff

The Riixo recovery knee cuff has an integrated gel that covers the front, sides and back of the knee

Back Brace

The Riixo Recovery back brace is the world’s first supportive brace that provides support & user-targeted ice or heat to precise pain locations in the lower back and side of the torso.

Calf Cuffs

No requirement to be plugged into an electricity source, the Riixo calf cuff is designed to fit in with your active life. Recovery while you get on with your day.

The size of each product will vary, Riixo has defined sizing so that they can cover as many people as possible. With up to 9 per product, it’s incredibly important to get the right size so compression and recovery can be maximised.

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The World’s First Recovery Cuff Combining ⬇


Research shows increased muscle strength, muscle function, reduced soreness & DOMS when using compression for recovery


Studies show heat helps to build muscle mass, prevent muscle wastage, improve fatigue resistance and alleviate joint pain


Research shows using ice after exercise alleviates muscle soreness, reduces inflammation and minimises secondary tissue damage

Riixo Reviews

Game Changer: Forget ice baths – Riixo’s three in one cuffs deliver ice, heat and compression from the comfort of your sofa”

Best Value Tech: “I LOVE this ice ball. It’s a super convenient way to combine ice with self-massage… a fantastic way to aid recovery whether you’re on the go or at your desk”

9/10: Best for muscle soreness & injuries. Riixo’s innovative ice ball may be small in size but it makes a big difference to muscle soreness”

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