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The Running Bear Ambassadors

Read more about this fab duo below…

Mohammed Abu-Rezeq

Mohammed Abu-Rezeq started running at 12yrs old in his hometown country of Jordan. He quickly realised this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and that ethos is echoed now at 35 when he says ‘Run from the heart, If you run from the heart and just push and push, you will do well – have the mindset and believe you can do it, you will’ ❤️ 

Moh’s top tips.. 😻

  • Make time to go to the gym and really work on your strength training – it’s so vital! 💪🏼
  • Run early in the morning, I’ve always found the oxygen to be better! 7am is my designated run time without fail ⏰
  • Make sure you’re eating well! Porridge first thing, then the rest of my day will consist of Chicken, Salad, LOTS of pasta and occasional pizza on my rest day! Treats are a must 🍕
  • Mix your training up! I love hill training, sprints and I’m always up for something new! I train hard, 100 miles a week over 6 days 🤩 I love cycling too! It’s my mode of transport so I’m always active 🚴‍♂️
  • Ice Baths – once or twice a week for 20 minutes! THE BEST recovery I’ve found! 🥶

Proudest moment:

🌟 Definitely the Loch Ness Marathon, so proud of my time. But watch this space! 👀💯

•5K: 14:24 (Sale Sizzler Series)
•Marathon: 2:20:52 (LochNess Marathon)
•10K: 29:09 (Trafford 10k)
•HM: 64:28 (Chester Half Marathon)

Carol Bird

Carol (@birdyruns) started running in her mid-forties at the Race for Life 5k, since then she has run over 35 Half Marathons and 5 Marathons🤩 She began running seriously in her fifties & believes that running should not be defined by age!👏🏻

Carol’s top tips…✨

  • Find yourself a run buddy👫 If you’re meeting up with someone, you’re more likely to go, even if the weather is bad. It also makes running more fun. (Have coffee & cake after you’ve just run…you’re allowed it!)🍰☕️
  • Enter a race🏆 Races aren’t just for elite runners, you’ll find a mixture of abilities. It will give you an aim & incentive to train🏃🏼‍♀️
  •  Buy some kit that you feel good in👟I love the comfortable, practical & stylish kit that is now available. It makes me want to get out there & run!

What’s her favourite thing about Running Bear?🐻

The inclusivity for all runners in the community & supporting them for whatever reason they run, whether that be for physical health, mental health, to compete as an athlete, or just for the enjoyment!🤗

Proudest moments:

🌟Being selected for Cheshire in her fifties
🌟Achieving her England Masters Vest in 2019
🌟Being named NSRRA Lady Runner of the Year 2019
🌟Being Inducted into the NSRRA Hall of Fame

HM: 1:31:45
Marathon: 3:18:54
Favourite distance: Half-Marathon