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Runners Race Instructions

Runners Race Instructions

Monday 7th to Sunday 13th December

This virtual event is organised by Running Bear and we have a UKA Permit.


This virtual event has a full risk assessment to ensure compliance with UKA regulations. 


Given that this is a virtual event, there are limited needs but please be aware of the below:

In line with both EA and Government guidelines, when you are taking part in the virtual event social distancing must apply. Consider the best time to run and avoid busy areas. Watch out for pedestrians and others in close proximity. Current guidelines as of 15th November only allow for one other person to run with you.

Headphones should not be worn, in accordance with UKA Guidelines, unless wearing Bone conductor headphones that are England Athletics approved. 

Plan your route carefully to ensure that you are aware of all possible flash points. Off road routes can change with the weather and consideration of the elements needs to be considered. Wear suitable clothing and shoes.

Clearly, we cannot provide drinks stations…Stay hydrated.

Given the Covid19 situation, please do not run if you feel unwell or are socially isolating.


Given that this is a virtual event please be aware of the below:

Naturally First Aid is not provided.

For your own benefit, you should notify someone of where you are going and to check in with them on their return…carry an ICE (in case of emergency) card with their details, and advice on any other appropriate arrangements they should make. 

Should any major accidents occur, they should be reported directly to ourselves…We don’t expect this to happen!


Public liability insurance will be in place through our race licence.  


These will be provided by Nifty Event Services in conjunction with Running Bear.


UKA permit approved…Distance run via runner’s personal devices.

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