Hoka Women’s Carbon X 3

Hoka Women’s Carbon X 3


The Carbon X3 is a Carbon Fibre plated racing shoe. This New version provides a even more responsive feel with the new cushioning in the midsole. Also a new upper material makes this an improvement on all grounds! Get race day ready with these speedy shoes!


See below for a detailed information and why we love this shoe! If you have any questions please get in touch today or call us on 01625582130

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The New Version of the Carbon X has seen huge improvements on all fronts. upper, cushioning and weight. The upper features a Vegan friendly knit upper which helps improve the fit and feel on your foot. The new cushioning makes this shoe feel a lot bouncer which previous models hasn’t had as much bounce so this is a huge improvement. In line with these improvements, the weight of the New Carbon X3 has dropped by 17g! The Carbon Fibre plate in the trainer helps with making the shoe nice and sturdy and giving that push off with every stride. It is the cushioning that helps with the energy return and the Carbon plate with the cushioning make for those hard miles, easier on the body!
If you are looking for a trainer that will work for speed work and easier miles, check the Hoka Mach out.


Vegan Friendly

The Hoka Carbon X3 is part of our vegan friendly range of running trainers meaning it’s now easier than ever to be kind to your legs and feet with this versatile pair of vegan running shoes.

The Fit

Shoe size is a personal preference and everyone’s feet are different, but we’re here to help ensure you avoid any pain or discomfort and to make sure you’re fully satisfied with your new trainers. To help prevent bruised toenails, rubbing, blistering or pins and needles we recommend going up at least a half size bigger than your regular shoe size when selecting your next pair of running trainers. When you run your feet get hot and can expand, your running shoes should have enough width to allow you to spread your toes and should have some space at the front (approx half to one thumb’s width of space from the end of your longest toe to the front of your running shoe) to ensure a comfortable fit and ride. If you’re unsure please contact us today or pop in to speak to one of our friendly team.


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Payment Options

Spread the cost of your purchase with our selection of payment providers; including Klarna, Clearpay and Laybuy, allowing you to shop for the things you love and pay over time. Split your purchase across instalments, with all payments interest-free, plus no hidden costs, as long as you pay on time.


Running Bear Verdict     

Having tried previous models of the Carbon X out, the team in the Bears Den believe this 3rd generation of the Carbon X to be a big step forward from previous versions! The feel on the foot and that extra cushioning really make for a perfect race day shoe. If you are looking for a carbon shoe to try for the first time the Hoka Carbon X3 is a great option, the price point compared to other Carbon shoes is also a winner!

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