OMM Bearing Tee Long Sleeve AW23

OMM Bearing Tee Long Sleeve AW23


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The OMM Bearing Tee uses OMM’s signature Coolplus 4-way stretch fabric to create a technical top that is high-wicking and allows for a free range of movement on the go. The Bearing Top from OMM is made from 3D Coolplus Polyester fabric which is superbly durable and soft against the skin to aid comfort. Flatlocking raglan sleeves have been used in order to reduce the chances of irritation as well as providing you with enhanced comfort. The seams have been moved away from the shoulders to offer a more comfortable fit and to prevent discomfort. The Coolplus 4-Way stretch of the fabric prevents the wearer from feeling restricted as it allows for a full range of movement. Another key feature of the fabric is that is super high wicking, meaning that it draws excess sweat and moisture away from the skin and moves it to outer fabric layers where it can be easily evaporated, leaving the wearer feeling cool, dry and comfortable for longer. The top offers Odour control thanks to its Anti Bacterial fabric which stops bacteria from building up on the top. SPF 50 is also offered by this top, perfect for staying protected on sunny training days. Reflective detailing has been added to keep the wearer safe and visible even when training in lower lighting conditions.



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