Running In The Midpack – Martin Yelling & Anji Andrews

Running In The Midpack – Martin Yelling & Anji Andrews


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‘a really, really, really good book’  Vassos Alexander

‘A masterpiece’ – Paul-Sinton Hewitt CBE, parkrun founder

‘A lovely book. it is really simple about getting a nice relationship with your running where it helps your life and changes with your life. Very accessible.’ – Paul Tonkinson, Running Commentary presenter and author

A smart running book designed for the all-too-often overlooked middle-of-the-pack runner, written by Marathon Talk’s Martin Yelling and Anji Andrews.

Welcome to the midpack!

Running pushes us, stretches us, asks us difficult questions, challenges us. It gives us space, calms us down, picks us up, boosts our energy, rewards, inspires and fulfils us.

Midpack runners – those who fall between the beginners and the elite – are the heartbeat and footsteps of the running community. In this long-overdue book, Marathon Talk’s Martin Yelling and Anji Andrews share their expert knowledge, first-person stories and coaching ideas to nourish the midpackers’ running experience.

Covering such diverse topics as ‘Making Yourself Bullet-proof’ and ‘How to Nail Your Race’, Running in the Midpack will cultivate your running progress, and help you to become a healthy, happy and successful runner.

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