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What are the best running socks in the UK? Running Bear

Socks at Running Bear

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We Stock some of the Best Running Socks in Britain!

At Running Bear, we take our socks suggestions just as seriously as our shoe recommendations! We offer a wide variety of socks so you can tailor your outfit to your workout! Our brands offer support, comfort & blister prevention and also look great. Below, you can read more about the types of socks we carry at our shop! If you order online, it is just 99p delivery, for any order size in the UK!

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Running Bear Socks

Our Famous Running Bear Socks have been around almost as long as we have. Our Running Bear socks have become a staple piece of kit for runners across the UK! Our Socks are British Made through our wonderful supplier Ladkins in Nottingham. These socks have British quality stitched in![/vc_column_text]

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Feetures socks have targeted compression and anatomical design. These socks are also incredibly comfortable, they prevent blisters with their iWick Fibre technology. There is also a lifetime guarantee and no irritating toe seam.[/vc_column_text]

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Hilly Socks are perfect for kind of athlete including runners, cyclers or hikers. Their claim to fame is the TwinSkin sock, which is a twin-layer running sock that keeps feet dry, reduces friction and prevents blisters. Their other styles include Marathon Fresh Socks, which are lightweight performance style, perfect for Half and Full Marathons. The Supreme, which is a soft and comfortable style, with anti-microbial qualities, anatomical design and underfoot seamless toe construction, combined with lots of cushioning. The Hilly Lite socks are perfect for racing as they are extremely lightweight and have zero cushioning.[/vc_column_text]

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Injinji socks allow your toes to splay naturally with their five-toe sleeve design. Have greater stability and prevent blisters with these socks![/vc_column_text]

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Stance Socks are incredibly popular for both runners and fashionistas. Their new line of INFIknit Socks come with a lifetime guarantee. Stance Performance styles are loaded with features like Feel 360™ and Infiknit™ to power every run or workout. Stance socks look great but are also comfortable and durable.


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1000 Mile

A selection of single and double layer technical running socks.  Designed with comfort in mind 1000 Mile make use of a wide range of technical yarns and design innovations to keep your feet protected during even the most demanding of challenges.[/vc_column_text]


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