Ultimate Performance Nipple Protectors

Ultimate Performance Nipple Protectors


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The Ultimate Performance Nipple Protectors help to prevent nipple chafing.
Jogger’s or Runners Nipple is a common affliction and it occurs when nipples are irritated by rubbing and chafing during physical activity. If the nipple is irritated for long periods then it can lead to cracking and bleeding.
These self adhesive foam plasters are circular in shape and have an indentation in the middle. Designed to cover and protect the nipple to prevent irritation the adhesive enables the plasters to stay in place even under the toughest conditions!

Remove backing paper. Bending helps release the backing – do not pull on the foam as it may tear.
Hold the edges so as not to touch the adhesive.
Apply to clean, dry skin.
Centralise the hole in the plaster over the nipple.
Press the plaster onto the skin for several seconds with a warm hand to activate the adhesive, taking care not to dislodge when putting on clothing.
Gently peel off after use
Application suggestion: men with excessive body hair should prepare the area before use, to ensure a good adhesion of the plaster.


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