Walk Easy Red Alert Attack Deterrent

Walk Easy Red Alert Attack Deterrent


Our latest Personal Attack Deterrent releases a 3 metre+ jet of a thick, sticky red dye along with a foul odour and an ultraviolet marker!

The RED ALERT produces a 3 metre+ thick, sticky liquid containing:

  • Deterrent sprays sticky red dye, foul odour and UV marker for Police detection.
  • UK Legal Alternative to Pepper Spray.
  • A red dye, which marks the attacker
  • A foul odour, to distract the attacker and leave an odour on their person
  • An ultraviolet dye, so the attacker can be identified under a UV lamp such as those used by the Police

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The Walk Easy WE321 RED ALERT Attack Deterrent

The Red Alert Attack Deterrent produces a three metre+ jet of odorous red dye with an ultraviolet marker!

It has a ‘twist and lock’ cap, which means it cannot be accidentally activated whilst being carried in a pocket or bag.

To operate, twist the cap to the ‘ON’ position and press down on the top of the cap to release a 3m+ jet of odorous red dye with an ultraviolet marker!

Be safe, be confident, Walk Easy with your RED ALERT! Order Direct from the UK manufacture

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