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New at Running Bear: Spring 2021


The Bears are happy to offer a brand new carbon plated racing shoe from Asics. The Metaspeed Sky Racing Shoe has arrived just in time for elite runners to compete in Tokyo 2021, but this shoe is perfect for any distance runner looking to achieve their next PB.

The METASPEED™ Sky includes a propulsive carbon plate, responsive cushioning, and a unique midsole geometry that allows funners to extend their stride without adjusting their cadence.


Drop: 5mm
Stack Height: Men's: 33/28 | Women's: 31/26
Weight: Men's, 7.4oz (210g) | Women's, 6.3oz. (180g)
Purpose: Road Racing, 5k - Marathon
Price: £225

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What Makes the METASPEED™ Sky Special?

What makes this shoe unique is its focus on energy efficiency. The shoe's purpose is to help runners take longer strides while conserving energy with each step. Runners will push the pace by enjoying the benefits of a longer stride while maintaining a similar cadence. Specific to the Metaspeed Sky, runners will experience a higher bounce between their steps.

The shoe features FF Blast Turbo Cushioning, a propulsive carbon plate, and high stack height to create a strong, responsive rebound that propels runners forward.

The Metaspeed Sky is designed for stride-style runners who are looking to start fast and finish faster. Whether it's a tempo run or race day, the Metaspeed Sky can help you unlock your speed.

Asics METASPEED™ Sky Features:


The midsole is both light and responsive. The Turbo Cushioning generates excellent compression at the footstrike and quickly snaps back into its original shape to produce a responsive toe-off. The curved sole design reduces ankle flexion, which creates an easier running experience.


Carbon Plate technology is taking distance running shoes by storm as they allow the shoe to be lightweight, cushioned and responsive.  This carbon plate runs from the midfoot towards the front of the shoe. It stabilizes the midsole at the landing phase and guides the foot, so the rebound is efficiently propelled forward.


The shoe's upper is designed to wrap around the foot like a second skin and be lightweight, soft and comfortable. Its no-sew construction improves the airflow in the shoe to keep feet comfortable.


This lightweight rubber outsole is durable and grippy.

metaspeed sky features
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