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Best Running Gifts for Her

Buying for a runner can be a tricky challenge, as running gear is niche and personal. So we’ve created this guide to make sure you can get your loved one a thoughtful gift.

Budget £0-£10

Running Bear Socks

Our Famous Running Bear Socks have been around almost as long as we have, and they have become a staple piece of kit for runners across the country! They come in a huge range of colours, so you’re guaranteed to find one that any runner will love. An iconic and memorable present, it is sure to put a smile on her face.

Wodable Headbands

The Wodable headbands are an absolute deal for £10. They are of beautiful quality, with the super-soft material combined with the comfortable fit making them a great accessory, whether you want to keep your ears warm in winter or to wick the sweat away in the summer. There’s a range of stunning patterns too, meaning you’re sure to find something she’ll love.

OTE Water Bottle

We love this OTE Water Bottle, as not only does it come with a range of colours but fills to the perfect amount of ratio for adding your OTE Hydro Tab. A shop favourite, when you pop in you’ll regularly see Jordanna, Sophia & Ellie sipping from one of these.

Stretch Arm Pocket

The perfect accessory holder. This sit’s comfortably on the arm and holds a phone and accessories. It also comes in a range of fantastic colours that match the SS21 Ronhill Clothing Range so it can be a great add on too.

Fitness Squat Bands

A great addition to any workout, these can be used to help strengthen glutes, calves, core – you name it!

Reflective UP Laces

Elastic laces are a fantastic way to spice up your trainers. They come in a rainbow of colours, so whether your loved one likes subtle or neon we’re sure to have you covered.

Hilly Lite Socks

These socks are lightweight, breathable and super comfortable. They’re perfect for keeping your feet cool, whether you’re running a mile or a marathon.

Budget £10-£30

Running Bear ½ Zip Top

These are top quality running tops for an absolute steal of a deal at £25. They’re great come summer or winter; zip-up you can keep toasty, zip down you can stay cool. They come in beautiful colours, from the gorgeous jade to the shocking pink.


Running Bear have a fantastic range of shorts on offer – from our essential lycra shorts at £18, to some fantastic Ronhill ones that are in our Outlet!

Goodr Sunglasses

These are such a great gift if you’re struggling to pick something for her! They come in a range of different shapes and colours, ranging from subtle black to bright yellow. There’s sure to be something she’ll love. They’re also top quality running glasses, so not only do they look cool but have polarised lenses and a no-bounce fit.

Running Bear Heaton Collection

There are some absolute steals in the Heaton Collection at the moment. The range consists of a beautiful print taken from the canvas of artist William Heaton. You can choose whether you’re wearing bold print leggings or subtle panels of the artwork built-in. A thoughtful and carefully chosen present, the Heaton Collection is sure to be a winner with your loved one.

Vaga Caps

Another fantastic buy which is useful come rain or shine.  We love Vaga, as a brand born on the fells of the Lake District it’s great in the summer for keeping the sun off your face, but it’s just as handy in winter for keeping dry in the drizzle.


Another one that is fantastic all year round. Whether to wick the sweat away from your brows in the heat of the summer or to keep you warm when winter comes. It comes in a fantastic range of colours and patterns, and multiple ways to wear it, so it’s guaranteed to come in handy!

Running Belt

Another fantastic way to store your belongings when out and about. There are multiple variations of Running Belts to suit all needs, so whether you’re after something funky, something waterproof or a flip belt there are multiple different styles to suit. It’s an essential accessory for your phone, but if you’ve got to have one why not make it stylish and practical too!

Mac in a Sac

Another thoughtful gift for the lovely lady runner in your life. Mac in a Sacs is a great addition to any runners gear, keeping you warm and dry when the British weather stays true to form. They also fold away into their little pouches, meaning it’s easy to store in a backpack or in the car so when the weather’s being temperamental you don’t have to worry about it!

Stance Socks

All the Bears in the Den love stance for their super fun designs and excellent quality. All the Bears have their own favourite designs, with Sophie loving Disney Stance, Ellie loves the cushioned tabs and Carol loves the run lite versions. The Infiknit versions even have a lifetime guarantee, which is a testament to the high-quality manufacturing and research that goes into these socks. A shop favourite, these are sure to be a hit of a gift!


Budget £30-£50

Running Bear Utopia Collection

Another beautifully crafted collaboration with William Heaton has brought us the Utopia Collection. Using another one of Heaton’s stunning and eye-catching works, we’ll fallen in love with this summer’s latest release. We love the gorgeous lemon and blue hues running throughout this collection, and we’re sure whoever you’re buying for will love it too. With carefully thought out pockets for carrying belongings and a super comfortable waistband, the leggings and shorts are sure to become a favourite whether they’re for pounding out the miles,  smashing a gym session, or doing a yoga class.


Every female runner knows you can never have too many running tights. We stock a huge range of styles and colours making sure that there is one for every running occasion. We have Ronhill, Running Bear Essentials, Brooks, Nike and of course or own Heaton, Utopia and Zen Collections.

Heaton Hoodie

An absolute favourite of our customers, so much so we’ve released it in two more colours since the original black. We absolutely love these lux feel hoodies, with the sleek design making sure it’s the perfect post-workout way to stay stylish.

Nano Vest

This Ronhill accessory is a fantastic gift for anyone who’s got a long-distance race in the diary. It’s a great training partner and can carry all the essentials such as gels, hydration and waterproofs.

Hoka Recovery

A treat for the feet! Where usually you might buy slippers, Hoka recovery sliders are actually much better for the athlete you love. After a tough workout or long run, these sliders give much needed TLC. Great for wearing around the house, on holiday and post-race these are an awesome addition to any runner’s gear.

The Zen Collection

The RB Team have been busy bears this summer, and this is another great collection to come out of 2021. Made from Bamboo, this collection is sustainable and stylish. Most importantly, it’s so comfortable! It’s breathable, soft and a great fit. The beautiful Luna top is perfect for cooler training days or as a mid-layer after training. The leggings have that super useful phone pocket as well as an amazing range of movement – we’ve also made them squat proof for those strength and yoga sessions. They’re stunning as individual pieces, but also make a great set together as a set.


Budget £50-80

OMM Backpack

OMM are our go-to brand for trail running accessories. Designed with every trail running need in mind, these packs are lightweight and fit comfortably. They’re also a favourite amongst commuters whether the person you’re gifting runs or cycles into work.

Aftershokz OpenMove Headphones

Aftershokz really have taken over the running headphone market. Their groundbreaking bone conduction technology means you’re able to hear your surroundings whilst still listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks. As a result, they’re the only brand that are England Athletics Approved for races. They’re a fantastic gift for any runner who loves a fast beat to get them speeding along or a podcast to keep them entertained during marathon training.

Ultra Shorts

We absolutely love these Ronhill Shorts! The number of pockets (10!) make them a rarity in the women’s running shorts world, but these have so much storage making them our go-to training and race day shorts, especially for longer runs such as half marathon where you need those gels and accessories onboard. These are a great gifts that any female runner will appreciate!


Oofos recovery sliders are an awesome gift for any runner, as when wearing them about after a run they absorb 37% more impact which reduces stress and pressure on ankles, knees and hips and therefore are miles better than a typical slider or flip flop. There’s a real range of colours from simple black to shimmering metallics, so you’re sure to find one that’s going to fit the bill!

Budget £80-£150

OMM Halo

This is one of our favourite pieces of wet weather gear. So lightweight, you barely know it’s there and packs up to the size of a tennis ball.  It’s amazing how something so light can shield you from the sometimes relentless British rain. It’s now also available in the Halo+ Version. It can also be used for summer walks too! Having a great waterproof really makes all the difference in wet weather, which is why the OMM Halo makes for an awesome gift.

Aftershokz Aeropex

As I’ve already said, Aftershokz are an awesome headphones brand. The Aeropex are their premium model for runners, with a super comfortable fit and IP67 waterproofing and they only weigh 26g. Ellie Bear can’t live without her Aeropex now!

Gift Vouchers for Trainers

Buying a gift of trainers is always tricky unless you know exactly what they’ve had before or what they’d like. Trainers are so personal as everyone has a different Gait, so we’d always recommend getting gift vouchers and book them in for a FREE In-Store or Online Gait Analysis, so we can help them find the shoes that will help keep them injury-free and cruising along. It’s a super thoughtful gift, with the personal experience of getting gait done as well.

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