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Category - Bear Team News and Advice

RBRC Q&A with Ben Eastwood Co-Owner of Benchmark Gym 💪

Bear Team News and Advice, Running Heroes

This is Thursday’s Q&A covering all things S&C! Thanks very much to @ben.eastwood_be S&C coach and co-owner at Benchmark Gym 💪🏽  

Catch up on Sophie’s Glute & Abs Burner S&C Session Here! 💪

Bear Team News and Advice

Get some tunes on and catch up on Sophie’s Monday workout here 🎵💪

Laura & Chris from Total Tri Training Q&A 🏃‍♂️🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️

Bear Team News and Advice, Wisdom and Motivation

Laura and Chris from Total Tri Training answer some FAQs for RBRC! As we roll into Lockdown #2 many of us will be turning back to our newfound sport…running.  A way of keeping active while the gyms and…

💪🏼 Abs & Glute burner with Bear Sophie Mellor💪🏼

Bear Team News and Advice

💪🏼 Abs & Glute burner with @strength_for_runners on Monday at 6:30pm! No equipment necessary if you haven’t got it – just email/message us for the zoom link! 💖🙌🏼

OTE’s Nutrition & Immunity Facts🍎👩‍⚕️🍽

Bear Team News and Advice

A huge thank you to OTE for writing this article on the links between our nutrition and immunity. We want to keep you bears running no matter the season! It’s that time of year again. The weather starts…

30th Birthday Challenge 💪

Bear Team News and Advice

BIG announcement bears.. 🤭 🔈 Challenge Time! We’re celebrating our 30th birthday with ‘CHALLENGE 30’ 😍 SOOOO many prizes to give away! Take a look below for details on how to enter & swipe for some awesome prizes!…

Become a Shoe Lace Ace – Lacing Techniques 👟

Bear Team News and Advice

The Basics Modern running shoes are designed to fit your feet as comfortably as possible. However, we are all different, whether that’s naturally how we are or because of injuries, medical conditions or simply the running style that…

The Running Etiquette Guide

Bear Team News and Advice

The Bears have pieced together some top tips for staying safe whilst out and about… Run against traffic so that you can see and react to any potential harm advancing (although as advised by runbritain.com when you come…

Nick’s Meditation Guide

Bear Team News and Advice

Hi Guys! Nick here 👋 As well as physical wellbeing I’m a passionate believer in mental wellbeing, I think they go hand in hand 🤝 Fun fact 🤩 – I have a Teaching Diploma in Meditation Tuition along…

The Importance of Strength Training

Bear Team News and Advice

 Running is great for keeping you fit, however you may want to mix up your exercise routine, plus there are SOOO many benefits of strength training for runners. It is key for all types of runners to carry…