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Wilmslow Running Festival 2022

Wilmslow Running Festival
Wow. 🤩 We have no words. What an incredible day! ☀️🥇
We can’t thank you all enough – to the entrants, the volunteers, the organisers, the spectators, the vendors and everyone else involved… THANK YOU 🙏
You make this incredible charity race what it is, without you all it wouldn’t be possible. We’ll share the total amount raised for so many deserving causes soon.
The weekend proved to be a huge success, with so many of our amazing Bears in action, both speaking on Saturday at the pre event, running and volunteering. So to you all thank you. Thank you to the sun who also came out of winter hibernation to welcome us into Spring! ☀️
Our amazing shop team were hard at work both on and off the start line with Carol (8th) and Char (10th) in the Running Bear 1ok and Jonny (1st) and Nick (1244th) in the Waters Half Marathon. 🥳
Running Bear
Results can be found here whilst photos thanks to Mick Hall are available free to download here.
Congratulations once again to everyone who made this event so special and a big shout out to race chair Catriona for leading such a wonderful weekend.
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