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Welcome Sally, our Strength & Conditioning Expert!

Welcoming Sally to the Bears Den, our new Coach and Strengthening Expert!

Sally has always loved exercise and sport, at school she played hockey at county level and several years later she met her husband Ian through orienteering – a sporty partnership indeed!

Sally started running in her mid-thirties when Ian got her an application form for the London marathon, he thought she would enjoy the challenge and it turns out he was right – She LOVED it!

Although her focus is now on running for the sheer enjoyment of it, Sally still likes competition and still partakes in races (only less frequently), enjoying fell runs & races most of all – she’s a life member of the FRA.

As a mature student, Sally did a degree in Sports, Coaching and Exercise Science – this then led her in the direction of researching muscle function.

Sally is now a CrossFit level 2 trainer & co-owns a CrossFit gym in Macclesfield.


Sally’s top tips

Have fun when you run!  Whether that’s on your own or in company, at a race or in training, slow or fast, just enjoy the moment!

Include strength & conditioning in your training.  Overall fitness isn’t just about being fast, and strength training – whether that’s at home or at a gym – is good for health and done well, reduces the risk of injuries that stop you running.

Favourite thing about Running Bear?

Great things to buy! Friendly & knowledgeable team – I’ve been a customer of Running Bear since I moved to Cheshire in 1997 and now I’m enjoying being part of the wider Running Bear community.

PBs: hmm, all set a wee while ago…!

5K = 19:30

10K = 38:51

Half marathon = 1:25:46

Mountain Marathon = 4:06:02

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