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Asics Nova Blast 2 LE Review

Today I took out my Asics Nova Blast Version 2 on a hot 9 mile, mixed terrain run. Version 1 was marmite, you loved or hated it and I loved it but I’m a really neutral runner. A lot of runners found the squishy bounce and stack height unstable.
Well I’m pleased to report that version 2 is much improved in every area.

To start with, the stack height is slightly lower so this combined with a lower heel drop (reduced from 10mm to 8mm) makes it more stable. It’s also very slightly heavier. Enough to help stability but not enough so that you would notice and it’s still a very light shoe. The addition of plastic heel counters also helps to keep the foot strike in line. As for durability, the outsole AHAR (high abrasion rubber) means that it’s 50% more durable so if you’re marathon training, you’ll get more miles out of it.

Like the original version, Nova blast 2 is still a really bouncy shoe but the wider base gives it a more balanced landing and the enhanced underfoot cushioning propels you forward like running on a trampoline.

In addition, I found V2 to be a lot more comfortable. The gusseted tongue and extra padding around the heel clutch held my foot really snug and even the laces are better.

The jacquard mesh upper is more breathable which on such a hot day kept my feet cool.

The first part of our run was on Stoney trail canal towpath but because of the width of the sole, it coped surprisingly well. However, It really came in to its own when we moved on to road when the bounce and energy return really kicked in. This is what this road shoe is made for. It has a great grip and whether your run is long or short, fast or slow, this trainer can do it all. It’s versatile enough to take you from long runs to tempo runs and if you don’t yet feel that you want to invest in carbon then it would also perform really well as a race day shoe.

If you’re a neutral runner and only want to buy one shoe to do everything, then this is it.

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