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Summer Running

Summer Running

It might not feel like it, but Summer is on it’s way! Love it or hate it, running in the Summer has many benefits including lighter mornings and evenings and thankfully a lot less mud on the trails! However for some running in the heat can feel more difficult. Here are our top tips for beating the heat this Summer ☀️

  • Don’t be afraid to adjust your training and avoid running intervals during the heat of the day. If you have to run in the middle of the day, stick to shaded routes and don’t be afraid to dial the pace of your run or efforts back.
  • Wear clothing that’s light in colour, lightweight, and preferably made from technical running fabrics that has vents or mesh. Also, don’t forget your hat, sunglasses (have you seen our amazing new Goodr range??) plus the all important suncream!
  • You don’t need us to remind you that hydration is key, especially during the Summer months. Consider electrolyte tablets such as the tasty OTE range to optimise hydration levels and replace salts lost through sweating.
  • If you can, try and get out first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Running late at night is a truly fantastic experience over the Summer months but you can’t beat getting up early and getting your run done so you can enjoy the rest of your day. This way if anything crops up during the day you can relax safely in the knowledge your run has been done and already collecting much desired Kudos on Strava 😉
  • Give your body time to adjust to the warmer weather. Studies show it takes 7-10-days to adjust to warmer weather, especially important if you’re planning on running on holiday. Over the first 7-days your body will learn to increase your sweat rate, lower your HR and decrease your core body temperature.
  • Hydration, did we mention hydration? Please don’t forget to drink plenty, your muscles will also thank you for maintaining good hydration levels.

About the author: Jonny Mellor

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