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Booth Centre Sleepout

Our #BCSleepout experience 💙

As Carol said ‘For us, it’s just one night, but for many it’s a reality.’ We started off the night feeling pretty cosy and optimistic, it was relatively dry and we were surprisingly snug! By about 1:30am that had changed, we were pretty soggy and with a constant feeling of vulnerability, every little noise wakes you up. The rain didn’t seem to stop and then the temperature dropped, all making for a pretty miserable nights sleep. But that is the reality that many face, with only a sleeping bag for protection and we haven’t even been unfortunate enough to experience it in truly cold winter weather! The Booth Centre Sleepout was a real eye-opener for us, to have to go through that day in, day out – it really must be soul-destroying. We can’t pretend to understand how they feel, having only experienced one night – but it has given us a huge sense of gratitude towards our everyday home comforts that we take for granted!
When you wake up this morning and your bed is nice and dry, your heating has come on and you can go and boil the kettle for your morning brew.. just spare a thought for those on the street, already starting their day off in some pretty miserable conditions. Thanks to the Boothcentre for this opportunity – it was truly eye opening 💜 If you haven’t yet donated and you’re able to, the link is below – but please also don’t forget we’re taking collections in store for tinned/jarred food, deodorants and other everyday essentials! Thank you all so so much 💙
Lots of love – Jordanna, Ellie, Carol & Finn 🐶

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