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Cold and Dreary Weather? Don’t forget your nutrition strategy!

Just because the weather is cold and dreary, it doesn’t mean you can neglect your nutrition strategy! Hydration is still essential during the winter months, especially if you’re wearing multiple layers. You’ll often still sweat and need to replenish lost salts and fluid. Here at the Bears Den, we’d recommend OTE Hydro tablets. Not only do they taste great they also ensure you’re staying hydrated all year round. While we’re talking OTE, the Anytime Protein bar is the perfect post-run snack to be eaten within 20mins of finishing your run to kick start your recovery process.

Have you got a marathon in the New Year? It’s never too early to start practising and experimenting with fuel intake for race day. Now is the perfect time to get your stomach used to taking on fluids/gels on race day. OTE also selects gels in different flavours, including Supercarb, caffeine, and normal energy gels.  During this time in training, you need to make sure you are getting an efficient amount of protein to not only repair your body but also support your immune system.

Can you tell we love the OTE range at Running Bear?

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