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Commute your way, a simple way to save time and money!

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With increasing fuel costs why not commute to work! Boost your mental health, reduce stress and improve your mood. Exercise is also proven to improve productivity in the workplace. Commuting to work could also be a time saver, can you beat the time spent sat in traffic or on the bus by running? Whether you’re travelling solo, with your partner, or work colleagues, get your day off to a winning start or unwind at the end of a stressful day. Why not arrange to car share with a friend so you can alternate who runs or bikes into work? With the latest trainers, kit, and accessories, our commute focused range can help give you more freedom to exercise!

Running Trainers


Arrive to work in style with the latest trainers.  You definitely want to train in something that fits properly and is comfortable to help keep you moving mile after mile during your commute to or from work.

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Running Clothing


To help keep you cool, warm, dry or just looking good, it's important to have suitable running kit to help reduce chaffing as well as staying safe on the road if you're training in the winter months.

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Running Accessories


The best accessories to support your commute to work, stand out and run safely. While they won't make your run shorter, they can definitely make it more enjoyable and a more pleasurable experience.

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Fuel Your Commute

When commuting to work, it is really important to work out a fuelling strategy to make sure you optimise your energy supply and hydration status both during and ahead of your run. Your fuelling strategy needs to focus on replenishing carbohydrate stores and staying on top of hydration to help you perform at your very best. Here in the Bears Den, we're loving the OTE range - Natural ingredients. Great taste. Kind on your stomach. Goodness in = Greatness out. If you're eating before your commute eat something light on your stomach that you know won't cause an upset, for example a Duo Bar. Make sure you have food and drink when you arrive in work to optimise recovery post run. Staying hydrated throughout the day is also really important. Whether you're running to or from work, staying hydrated is important all day round. Not just immediately before, during or after training.

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Head over to our blog for all the running tips and advice you'll ever need to help you prepare for your run commute or all things running. From pro tips to helpful guides we have tons of information. So grab a brew, sit back and let's go!

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