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From Lockdown to 5K! Programme🏃‍♂️⬅🚶‍♂️ Weeks 11 & 12

From lockdown to 5k…and with a smile!

Weeks 10 and 11 in the bag!!…We knew you could do this!  So here we bring weeks the finale!!!

We all know that running is great for us…It improves our fitness; it helps with our stress levels…it evens boosts our confidence. It helps to tone our physiques…and can even help to grow our social networks! What not to like! Are you feeling it already?!

Welcome to the first of our new Running Bear

“I can do this” virtual “beginners running groups”…We are now on weeks fourteen and fifteen!!

Every Monday we will be giving you all the guidance that you will need to take you from a beginner to a 5k hero…and in sixteen weeks!

It’s easier in a group, it’s easier with a friend! Invite a friend to be your running buddy!

If you need any advice on the kit that you need or the trainers to wear, Running Bear is open online to help! https://runningbear.co.uk/

So…Let’s go!! We know you can do this!!

We are now running most of the time! 😊 By the end of the week, you will be a 5K Champion!!

Week 11…22nd March…The finale!!

Monday…45 minutes exercise of which 40 minutes is running

Tuesday…Cross training day or rest

Wednesday…50 minutes of exercise of which 45 minutes is running

Thursday…Rest Day

Friday…45 minutes of exercise…run as much as you can…perhaps all??

Saturday…Rest Day or a walk

Sunday…Run your 5k!!!!!!!…Massive well done!! You are a 5k hero!! 😊

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