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How to Easily Wash Your Running Shoes

storm care how to clean your running shoes

Maintain the appearance and function of your running shoes by cleaning them regularly! We recommend that you hand-wash your running shoes so they can be cleaned properly without damaging the material.  At Running Bear, we recommend the Storm Care Shoe Kit as these products are specially designed for running shoes.

Step 1 Footwear Wash:

This concentrated pre-wash lifts dirt and stains from your shoes. Remove loose dirt from footwear with a brush. Shake bottle, spray cleaner onto a dampened surface with the sponge, rub gently and rinse well. Allow to dry and reproof before use as required.

Step 2 Proofer: 

Restores original finish to waterproof footwear, maximising performance. Shake well before applying evenly to clean footwear. Remove any excess product from the soles material with a clean cloth. Allow the shoes to dry for 12 hours for maximum performance.

Step 3: Deodoriser

This spray hygienically and effectively reduces odours, making items pleasant to use again. Hygienically and effectively reduces odours, making items pleasant to use again. Hypoallergenic when dry but also reduces bacteria and odour levels. Shake well. Spray inside footwear. Allow footwear to dry before use.

If you have any questions please contact the Bears or consult our OMM product care guide!

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