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How to take care of your Waterproofs

Adventure –> Wash –> Proof –> Repeat

A simple routine with big rewards on your wallet and the environment! When runners care for their outdoor gear correctly, it will last much longer. The buildup of dirt, sweat, salt and sunscreen can reduce the effectiveness of your jacket, which is why we recommend that you wash your jacket regularly. Depending on how often you use your jacket, you should probably wash your jacket every 20-30 days as a general rule of thumb. Even if you do not have time to clean your jacket thoroughly, if possible, try to rinse your jacket to unclog the debris from the membrane. When you wash and prep your outdoor gear with Storm Care means you don’t have to worry about your waterproofs not doing their job or damaging your expensive waterproofs. These products restore water repellency which means even in the wettest of runs, you can stay dry!

Have you made the swap?

The majority of household detergents come in single-use plastic bottles. They have developed an environmentally friendly, zero plastic, high-performance go-to aftercare solution. All Storm Care products come in easy recyclable aluminium bottles, which also helps to reduce single-use plastics.


Just pour 75ml of Storm Care Wash in your washing machine with 75ml of Storm Care Eco Proofer into the conditioner compartment of your washing machine, and this little wonder will:

  • Restore water repellency
  • Help your clothes last even longer
  • Improves breathability
  • Help make your DWR (Durable water repellency) abrasion-resistant = more durable

All of this and it’s environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals and plastic.

Storm Care Discount

For a limited time (20/10/21), you can use the code STORMCARE15 for 15% off individual Storm Care products. We are also offering a Free Gift with our Apparel Care & Footwear Care Kits during this time. 
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