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We have all the advice, trainers and running kit you'll ever need to train and run your marathon. Wether it's your first marathon or you're just looking for those marginal gains to run a new personal best delve into our treasure chest of all things marathon running! But remember the golden rule; Nothing new on race day! So for the latest carbon running trainers, race day nutrition, our top tips, injury prevention and lot's more, let's go!

Running Trainers


Marathon training is no joke, so you definitely want to train in something that fits properly and is comfortable to help keep you moving mile after mile during your marathon build up.

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Running Clothing


To help keep you cool, warm, dry or just looking good, it's important to have suitable running kit to help reduce chaffing as well as staying safe on the road if you're training in the winter months.

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Running Accessories


The best accessories to support your marathon training, while they won't make your marathon shorter, they can definitely make it more enjoyable and a more pleasurable experience.

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If you have ever run a marathon you know that your kit on race day is another important part of the event. Choosing the right gear is an essential part of your preparation. The last thing you want to do is un-do all that hard work in training by wearing the wrong trainers or kit resulting in blisters or chaffing. As well as ruining your goals, it can also take all the fun away from the marathon. For this reason we always recommend having a final dress rehearsal before the big dance, giving you chance to break in new trainers and ensure there's no nasty surprises from wearing the wrong type of kit!

Fuel Your Big DAY

When training for a marathon, it is really important to work out a fuelling strategy to make sure you optimise your energy supply and hydration status both during and ahead of race day. By practicing in training first, you will be able to get the most out of yourself on the big day by training your stomach to absorb essential carbohydrates. Your marathon fuelling strategy needs to focus on replenishing carbohydrate stores and staying on top of hydration to help you perform at your very best. Here in the Bears Den, we're loving the OTE range - Natural ingredients. Great taste. Kind on your stomach. Goodness in = Greatness out.

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New Balance RC Elite v2

New Balance rc elite v2

The New Balance RC Elite V2 is the perfect companion on your 26.2 mile journey. With stack height so important in marathon running, the RC Elite comes with a 39mm stack height that puts it in line with rivals such as theNike Alphafly. With a full length carbon plate the RC Elite is very soft and gives you all the comfort you need over the course of a marathon, but still feels super fast. Just ask Jonny Mellor, who recently clocked 28:30 for 10k in Valencia wearing this very same shoe. It's the sort of shoe in the Bears Den that we just want to keep running and running in, which in the marathon can't be a bad thing right?


I love the softness that the New Balance RC Elite V2 offers especially towards the end of the marathon when my legs are starting to feel tired. They still feel responsive and fast despite the soft ride and I think New Balance have really nailed the looks of this racing carbon plated racing flat.

Jonny Mellor Running Bear

Jonny Mellor
2020 British Marathon Champion

The new New Balance RC Elite V2 is much softer than the first version but still feels like you can run fast in them. I wear them in training for my long marathon sessions and I've definitely noticed the difference the next day when I don't feel as sore having worn them.

Andy Davies

Andy Davies
British Vet 40 marathon record holder

Behind shoes, running socks are the most important piece of running kit you'll need on race day. However socks are often neglected despite developments in technology. With endless options it's important to try and find a pair of socks that work for you. Do you want ankle length, crew or even compression socks? Matching colour for your trainers optional! Above all else make sure your socks don't give you blisters and are comfortable and breathable on a long run. Wearing a longer sock can also reduce the risk of getting a stone stuck in your socks during the race!

Marathon Training Articles

Head over to our blog for all the running tips and advice you'll ever need to help you prepare for your big day or check out some marathon advice below. From pro tips to helpful guides we have tons of information. So grab a brew, sit back and let's go!

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