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Mobility Matters! 🧘‍♀️

Hi All,
I am a Movement/mobility Therapist. The team have asked me to share what I do if it interests any of you.
I specialise in injury prevention making sure you move as we should and not compensating. All this month I am doing a Live on Instagram (Premier Health and Fitness) of my morning mobility routine I do to get my joints moving, help to maintain joint health, check in with your body, remind your nervous system how our joints should work and reduce the risk of injury.
Hopefully it will help get you into a routine for the day, it also keeps me accountable to do my CARs too. (controlled articular rotations).
Love to see some friendly faces on their usually lasts about 15mins, I will post a you tube of everything I will go through on here, but I aim it to last about 15mins.
Emma 🙂
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