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Category - Injury Prevention

Top Toe Tips 🐾

Bear Advice, Injury Prevention

Here are are some top toe tips from Emma at Premier Health & Fitness

Strength & Performance 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️

Injury Prevention

💥 Chris from Number One Health Strength Performance has created an amazing runners video guide for us to show you guys how to maintain strength and improve performance while in isolation: ⬆- Single leg strength ⬇ – Risk…

Hips Don’t Lie 😜

Injury Prevention

According to Runner’s World hip injuries on the rise – they state one sports medicine physicians survey found 1/4 of runners age 26-50 reported strained hip muscles last year! We often remember to stretch the muscles such as…

Taping with Angie Jackson 💪

., Injury Prevention

Since re-opening we’ve seen a lot of people with tight calves (often from upping their running significantly in lockdown).  Here Angela from @PhysiofitUK shows us how to tape for a calf strain with @TheOnlyWayIs_UP kinesiology tape.    …

Bunny Ears for Ankle Security

Injury Prevention

If you like to have a more snug fit around your ankles, here’s a clever way to tie your laces, called Bunny Ears! Start like this…     Create Bunny Ears by putting the laces through the very last…

A View From Our Physio on Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

A Chat between The Bear and Richard Saxton, expert on gait analysis at Running Bear and injury prevention at Physiofit Bear: As a Physio, you must see a lot of running injuries, what’s your best advice for avoiding…