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Category - Injury Prevention

Mobility Matters! 🧘‍♀️

Injury Prevention

Hi All, I am a Movement/mobility Therapist. The team have asked me to share what I do if it interests any of you. I specialise in injury prevention making sure you move as we should and not compensating.…

The More Core the Better ➕

Injury Prevention

Developing a strong core helps prevent injuries in runners. When the foot hits the ground it is important to keep the pelvis and hips level as you transfer weight to the other foot. This helps to reduce stress…

Hip & Trunk Rotation 🔁

Injury Prevention

Hip and trunk rotation are easily lost when we sit at a computer for many hours. Try this flowing drill to open up your hips and restore rotation 🔁

Single Leg Control ⚖

Injury Prevention

Single leg control is key to efficient runners. Better balance reduces friction on joints and reduces the risk of injury. Start this drill with eyes open and then try it with eyes closed and on uneven surfaces ⚖

Hip Mobility

Injury Prevention

Hip mobility is so important to improving stride length and running technique and efficiency. Gabby Physiofit’s PT is using a cloth on a slidy surface to work in to all aspects of hip mobility. You can use a…

Hip Mobility Challenge 🏆

Injury Prevention

Physiofit Ltd are bringing out the big guns and setting all the bears a challenge! ‘Our Physiofit athlete Seren has come up with a great hip mobility challenge for all the bears this week – Using your favourite…

Hip Flexor Stretch 👏

Injury Prevention


Glute Activation 🦵

Injury Prevention

This week’s exercise is all about glute activation and is a great way to wake up the gluts each day but especially before a run Wait for that burn in the glutes to know you have the right…

Glut Med Muscle Strength = Better Stability

Injury Prevention

This strength drill from Angela at Physiofit is again about getting strong around the hipsThe Glut Med muscle helps prevent the knee falling inwards when we land and helps keep the pelvis level and stable. Great for more…

Angie’s Ab Strength ⭐

Injury Prevention

This strength exercise from Angela at Physiofit is a great variation on the traditional deadbug but made more difficult with a resistance band around the feet Start without the band and focus on keeping your back and ribs…

Can I run with pain? – Angie from Physiofit answers your questions

Bear Team News and Advice, Injury Prevention

Physiofit’s Angie Jackson was the host of this week’s Running Bear Virtual Running Club Facebook live series of Q&A sessions. Here she shares some of the questions asked and helps runners of all standards stay injury-free. Q: Can…

Injury: RICE is out, PEACE&LOVE is in!

Injury Prevention

From PhysioFit Following an injury, RICE is out… PRICE is out… and we are now into PEACE and LOVE for all our Bears! Thank you to our Canadian friends at The Running Clinic for their great resource. One…