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Using Kinesiology tape for a sore calf

Kinesiology Tape for a Sore Calf
Jordanna came in with a sore calf after a weekend hill-climbing, we decided to tape to help enhance her recovery ❤️‍🩹

Here’s how to do it!

  • Taping is a great way of reducing swelling, increasing mobility and provides support and pain relief both before, during or after an activity!
  • Runners can tape areas that veer away from their correct posture and aid them to a more neutral position.
  • Using kinesiology tape can help your weaker muscles function more efficiently. This helps runners to keep exercising, especially with the right rehabbing exercises to generate strength in those weaker areas.
  • Kinesiology take can help reduces pain and fatigue.
  • Most of all, it prevents over-extension and over-contraction.
  • Kinesiology tape is available at Running Bear in a variety of colours only for £9 ✌🏼

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