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How to Prevent Runner’s Nipple

Let’s talk.. Nipples! 🔘🔘

Okay we know it can still be seen as a taboo/embarrassing topic for some. How do we know? Because it’s one of our most searched items online and yet we rarely get asked for it in store! 🤷🏼

So let’s talk all about runners nipple and what you can do to prevent it! 🤕

You may have heard it called all the names under the sun including stingers, nipple chafe and much more but how is it happening and why?
  • Nipple chafing is irritation of the nipples due to repetitive friction between skin and clothing (or skin and skin!) – sometimes they can become so irritated that they can bleed! 😮
  • You might also experience itchiness, cracking, inflammation or discolouration!

How can you prevent it? 🧐

  • Wear soft tops/bras! Avoid cotton or coarse material, compression can work as it doesn’t move around ❌
  • Apply a lubricant such as Vaseline or our favourite slipstream!
  • Nip Guards are a hero product 🦸‍♂️
  • If your skin is already chafed, gently cleanse with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly, avoid harsh chemicals on the area, cover with a breathable gauze if you can’t let it breathe 🌬
  • Most importantly.. there’s no need to run in pain! ♥️
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