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What type of New Balance Shoe Should I wear?

What type of New Balance Trainers Should I Wear (2)

What type of New Balance shoes should I wear?

Are you a fan of New Balance? Ever wondered what type of New Balance should you wear? We figured there’s no better person to ask than Jonny Mellor for his expert advice on all things New Balance. It’s fair to say he’s probably ran a few more miles than most in a pair of New Balance trainers! 😜 

I have worn New Balance shoes since the end of 2014 and I genuinely love them! New Balance is a brand with performance at its core and they have got a winning balance of comfort, performance and looks. As the saying goes, look good, feel good!

The question I often get asked a lot is, “what type of New Balance shoe is right for me?”

This is a tough question to answer as everyone’s feet are different and we all run in slightly different ways. However, for me, I am a neutral runner, which means I run with a neutral gait (or sometimes supinate, which means I roll outward when my foot hits the ground) which is easy to tell by looking at the wear on the outside of my used trainers. I always wear fairly evenly with a little more to the outside of the forefoot and therefore wear a neutral cushioned trainer. I tend to go for the New Balance 1080 but have been known to dabble in the 880 if the mood takes me.

What type of New Balance trainers should I wear

When deciding what pair of trainers to go for (regardless of brand) I’d highly recommend taking a trip to your local running store to get a gait analysis performed to ensure you’re choosing a pair of trainers suitable to your running style and type of running you plan on doing. Purchasing a pair of running trainers is a big investment, so it’s important to get the pair right for you, which will also help reduce the risk of injury. It’s not just the type of shoe, but also the size that the running shop will be able to advise on. For example, in New Balance running trainers I go up half a size vs normal everyday casual shoes.

New Balance 1080 v 11

For Neutral Runners

Knowing what type of New Balance trainers are right for you will depend on your running style and if you have a neutral gait or pronate when running. If you’re a neutral runner like me and you plan on doing the majority of your running on the road, pavement or hard compact trails such as the canal paths then I would recommend the 1080 or 880. 

The 1080 just nudges it for me as it is so soft and offers superior energy return and I personally find I can run faster in the 1080 compared to the 880s. 

For Overpronators

If you’ve been identified as a runner who needs a shoe designed with technology to prevent overpronation (foot rolling inward during your gait) then you can’t go far wrong with a pair of 860.

Fresh Foam Hierro v6 rogue

For Trail

Planning on getting off-road and exploring? I’d highly recommend the Hierro. The Hierro is such a versatile shoe, ideal for different surfaces and offers amazing cushioning in comparison to other brands. Where the Hierro lacks in traction in comparison to rivals, it more than makes up for it with superior cushioning, ideal if you want to use the Hierro on road for part of your run. I use the Hierro for easy recovery runs along the canal when it’s muddy or walking my dog on a daily basis. 

New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2

For Racing

Look no further than the FuelCell RC Elite! This shoe is fast! It’s so responsive but gives you endless cushioning especially towards the end of a marathon when you need it most. Carbon plated shoes have changed the game in recent years and if you’re looking to run a personal best then this is the New Balance shoe for you. If you’re looking for a trainer for faster training sessions such as interval work or hill efforts then the FuelCell TC is also a good option. 


Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas for your next pair of trainers if you’re thinking about making the move to New Balance or upgrading your current NBs. One of the best things about New Balance is the range so I am confident there’s a shoe out there for everyone regardless of the terrain you’re running on and the distance you plan on running.  If you would like 15% off your next pair of shoes, consider joining our free virtual running club! 

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