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Night Time Winter Running Tips

Reflective Gear for Your Run

⏰ With the clocks going back, it means darker evenings are here for the Winter. (At least the early birds have a bit more light temporarily in the mornings though 🤪)
To stay safe running in the dark, it’s crucial to stand out and be seen by other pedestrians, cyclists, and road users. The Gato LED sports vest with reflective strips is ideal for running in the dark, knowing that you can be easily spotted while out running.

Here are some of our top tips to stand out and stay out this Winter:

  • Bright fluorescent clothing, preferably with reflective strips or panels.
  • Second, reflective accessories to make yourself more visible in all conditions.
    • Even a small reflective armband or headband can increase your visibility.
  • Lights for added visibility.
    • The most efficient way to be seen! This beanie includes an integrated LED headlamp.
  • Run in well-lit areas.
  • Always let someone know when and where you’re heading and how long you roughly expect to be out for.
  • Dress like it’s warmer. You want to start slightly cool.
  • Warm-up pre-run with some activation exercises and mobility work.
  • Be flexible with pace and mileage.
  • Change quickly post run into warm, dry clothes.
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