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Stay Safe & Seen this Winter!

Stay Safe & Seen this Winter!

In the words of Jon Snow, WINTER IS COMING.

And it’s coming quicker than you think! If like me you’ve been caught out by the dark coming earlier than expected and feeling a little bit uncomfortable on the country roads in the dark, then it’s time to get your winter safety items out! Here we’ve listed the top 5 items we think are crucial to stay safe this winter.

  • Rocking around the Christmas Tree

You need to be shining so bright you should be visible from Space. On dark nights you need to make sure cars can see you, so when you’re crossing roads or running on dark lanes you can be seen from a long distance. It’s a must have for Running Clubs and is recommended by England Athletics. We have a number of items that can light you up, including these awesome reflective vests from GATO or their fabulous armbands which come in all sort of awesome colours.

  • Blinded by Lights

A headtorch or chest torch is a winter MUST HAVE. It’s crucial for seeing those tree branches under the pavement in the dark or those annoying curbs that always catch you out. It also means you’re not restricted as to when you go out – I’m not a morning runner, and by the time I finish work in winter it’s dark so I love my Petzl head torch. For those that prefer the chest torches, the GATO torches are fantastic with great battery life and long range. It’s a great fit and a much loved product by our lovely customers.

  • Shine bright like a diamond

Reflective gear is another way to make sure you’re seen. There is some awesome new Reflective gear on the market, and we absolutely LOVE Ronhill’s new Night Runner range.  We’ve stock the last three generations of this range and without fail we sell out every year! They’ve got bold edgy designs that when combined with top of the range technical material making an absolute winter winner. If not, you can’t go wrong with a simple Running Bear reflective vest.

  • (No) Danger Zone

When you’re out running, you should feel free, safe and happy – sometimes that’s unfortunately not the case and you may feel vulnerable or worse. It’s always key to plan a good route and let people know where you’re going as well as making sure your phone has plenty of charge. If you want to feel that extra bit secure we’ve got a brilliant range of personal alarms and deterrents from Walk Easy, endorsed and approved by NHS and WHICH. It’s so important to feel comfortable on your run!

  • Brightside

Get your Neon out because the winter pavements are your cat walk! We have some awesome new bright winter items, from waterproof jackets to long sleeve tops to keep you cosy and warm but most importantly seen. You can pick up some of our awesome Neon Running Bear socks to match too! So get groovy and be visible this winter!

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