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The Story of Running Bear🐻🧒💙

The Bear was born in Congleton Town, 

He loved the fells, running up & down.


The Bear thought “I need some shoes for my paws!”

“Running trainers with grip, would be better than my claws”


But for miles and miles, he couldn’t find a shop, 

and he thought “what about my bear friends who live in Mow Cop?”

“If I can’t get shoes, neither can they”,

So he came up with an idea to save the day!


“I’ll open a bear den with lots of running shoes, 

There’ll be so many, it’ll be hard to choose!”


I’ll watch people running, so their shoes are just right, 

perfect for their paws and never too tight!”


“Now my den needs a name, what could it be?

Why not Running Bear, named after me!”


It’s been thirty years since the Bear opened his den,

with Bears traveling to Alderley, time and again.


They come for shoes, for clothing and socks,

So they can enjoy their running on road, trail or rocks


His bear fans think his socks were the best, 

The comfiest socks from the East to the West.


He thought, for my lovely bears I’ll set us up a club”

“It’ll be for everyone, whether an adult or cub”.


The Bear loves all his customers like they’re family of his own,

He thought “with my running family, I am never alone”


So don’t forget when through Alderley you go,

It’s the Bear’s home and he’d love to say hello!

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